Practice Exam

The Practice Exam is designed to review key concepts matched to the content areas of the NCCT certification examination Detailed Test Plan. It is not designed as a primary instruction tool. The Detailed Test Plan is available to the public at no charge. NCCT makes no claims that completion of this practice exam guarantees a passing score on a certification examination.

The Practice Exam stand alone product consists of the same (or mostly the same) questions as in the Self Assessment, without rationales. It covers identical content areas that will be scored and analyzed. Information generated in the Practice Exam analysis aims to help exam candidates identify content areas upon which to focus study preparations. The Practice Exam will be administered, scored and analyzed up to three times per product purchased.

Medical Assistant (NCMA)
Practice Exam

Medical Assistants perform clinical healthcare duties.

Patient Care
Practice Exam

Patient Care Technicians provide direct patient care and nursing assistant tasks.

ECG Technician
Practice Exam

ECG Technicians perform diagnostic tests to assess heart rhythm and rate.

Practice Exam

Phlebotomy Technicians perform venipuncture, micro-collection, and specimen processing.

Medical Office Assistant
Practice Exam

Medical Office Assistants perform medical office tasks and initial patient contact.

Tech in Surgery TS-C (NCCT)
Self Assessment

Tech in Surgery (surgical technologists) perform various tasks pre, intra, and post operatively.

Insurance and Coding Specialist
Practice Exam

Insurance & Coding Specialists provide medical billing and coding services for health care providers.